Products, Pricing & Specs

Nature’s Way Landscaping & Supplies is your one stop shop for all of your major landscaping products in the Bahamas.  From our 8 acres of trees and palms to our vast selection of supplies for irrigation and lighting and everything else in between, there’s absolutely no reason to look anywhere else.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of some of our more popular nursery supply products:

  • 8 Acres of Trees, Palms and Shrubs
  • RainBird Irrigation Supplies
  • Distributor for CAST LIGHTING
  • Fertilizer for Trees, Palms, Shrubs & Lawns
  • Mulch, Potting Soil, Peat Moss & Planting Supplies
  • Chemicals – Fungicides, Insecticides and Liquid Feeds
  • Ceramic and Terracotta Pots from Vietnam & Italy

Price Lists

For your convenience, we’ve included our price lists for our more popular items below in PDF format.*

Trees, Palms & Shrubs:

Other Landscaping Supplies & Products:

*Prices subject to change.